Advisors Guide Membership Services Agreement

This agreement (Agreement) is between Advisors Guide and the financial professionals or company (advisor, advisors, short term brokers) that accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement by submitting and/or maintaining personal data on the Advisors Guide Platform.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They constitute a legal, binding agreement between financial advisors, short term brokers and Advisors Guide.

Advisors & short term brokers Acceptance: Financial Advisor and short term brokers agree to read the terms of this agreement carefully as advisor’s submission of data to Advisors Guide or utilization of an Advisors Guide service constitutes advisor’s acceptance of the current terms and conditions in this Agreement and all future revisions to this Agreement.

Advisors Guide platform: This agreement is equally applicable for Financial advisors and short term brokers who use the services on any of the Advisors Guide Platforms.

Non-Commercial Use: The services on the Advisors Guide Platform are intended for the exclusive use of advisors and brokers who are listed in the Advisors Guide Platform and/or use Advisors Guide digital marketing services. Advisors and Brokers agree that the intended uses of Advisors Guide Platform are to help investors find and evaluate advisors and brokers and for advisor or broker to market his or her services to investors. It is not intended that any person or company use the information on this site, including the names of advisors or brokers, for recruiting, marketing of financial products or services, or other purposes that may or may not compete with the Advisors Guide and advisor interests.

Modification: Advisors Guide has the exclusive right to modify this Agreement with or without notice to the advisor. An advisor is bound by the terms and conditions of the current and revised agreement as long as the advisor continues to maintain data on the Advisors Guide Platform.

Advisors Guide Services: Advisors Guide is information, marketing, digital services, digital marketing service to advisors and brokers.

Information Only: All financial advisor and short term brokers education data that are provided to investors by Advisors Guide is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered financial, insurance, tax, or legal advice.

Advisor Data: Advisors Guide does not have any liability, contingent or otherwise, for the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness for advisor or brokers data that is maintained and published on its platform.

Editing: Advisors Guide reserves the right to edit the information that is provided by the advisor or brokers on the registry information without the advisor’s or broker’s approval in advance. Edits can include, but are not limited to, spelling, grammar, sales information, punctuation, and other text that could confuse investors or reduce the objectivity or quality of advisors or brokers information.

PR Certified: Advisors Guide does not validate the accuracy of the information that financial advisor or brokers submits to Advisors Guide to develop advisors or brokers registry profile.

Beyond Advisors Guide Control: Advisors Guide is not responsible or liable for events or results that are beyond its control. That includes: The Internet, natural disasters, viruses, data theft, communications, and any other occurrences that are beyond its control.

Suspension of Service: Advisors Guide reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue its platform services at any time with or without notice to advisor. Advisors Guide shall not be liable to advisor, brokers or any third party for any such modification, suspension, or discontinuation of service.

Qualifications: Advisor represents he or she is a competent, ethical financial professional who provides planning, investment, insurance, or tax services. Advisor represents advisor has not withheld any pertinent information that would cause Advisors Guide to deny advisor’s application or remove advisor from the platform.

FSB Licensing & Registration: Financial advisors acknowledges, licensing at the FSB.

Intended Use: Financial advisors & shoert term brokers agrees to only use Advisors Guide services as they are intended to be used and will not misuse any information or services that are provided by Advisors Guide to investors or other advisors or short term brokers. Financial advisors & short term brokers will consider all Advisors Guide information, services, policies, and other proprietary works as the exclusive intellectual property of Advisors Guide.

Business Relationship: Financial advisor acknowledges that advisor has no link to Advisors Guide including ownership, employment, affiliation, partnership, agency, joint venture, contractual, revenue sharing, or any other form that would represent a potential conflict of interest between Advisors Guide and the investors who use Advisors Guide search and information services.

Recommendations and Endorsements: Advisors Guide does not recommend or endorse particular advisors or brokers to investors who use its platform. Advisors Guide role is limited to the marketing of the Advisors Guide platform.

Admittance Policy: Advisors Guide reserves the right to deny Registry or Directory services to an advisor or broker with or without cause.

Published Documentation: Financial advisor understands that information in advisor’s Registry profile will be distributed to investors and other interested parties over the Internet.

Complete & Accurate Data: Financial advisor agrees to provide complete, up-to-date, and accurate information in the Advisors Guide questionnaire that is used by Advisors Guide to develop an online profile and advertisement. Upon completion of the Advisors Guide questionnaire, advisor agrees to certify that all information entered by advisor and/or advisor’s staff is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Maintenance of Advisor Data: Financial advisor agrees to keep the information in Advisors Guide research report and advertisements that appear on Advisors Guide Platform up-to-date on at least a quarterly basis or whenever there are significant changes to advisor’s credentials, business practices, or compliance record.

Password: Financial advisor will access Advisors Guide account by using an ID (email address) and personal password. The financial advisor is solely responsible for the protection of the confidentiality of the password.

Compliance Department: The financial advisor or broker is solely responsible for obtaining any approvals that may be required from a compliance department that holds advisor’s licenses or registrations. Advisors Guide assumes advisor has obtained appropriate FSP approvals prior to being activated on Advisors Guide Platform.

Membership Fee: The financial advisor and short term brokers agrees to pay Advisors Guide a fixed monthly Registry membership fee.

Refund Policies: Advisors Guide does not refund any past or unused membership fees that may result from a monthly payment in advance or subsequent termination of Advisors Guide services by advisor or Advisors Guide.

Renewal Policy: Financial advisor’s account automatically renews unless Advisors Guide receives a change or termination notice at least three business days before the next monthly or yearly billing date.

Termination of Service: Advisors Guide or financial advisor may terminate this agreement, with or without cause, at the end of any regularly scheduled billing period. Advisor agrees that Advisors Guide, at its sole discretion, may terminate or suspend advisor’s access to its platform for any reason including breach of the terms in this agreement, any suspected fraudulent, abusive, illegal activity, or non-payment of Advisors Guide service fees. Advisor agrees that the termination of advisor access may take place without any liability to Advisors Guide and without any prior written notice to advisor. If terminated, advisor will immediately cease and desist any reference to or use of the Advisors Guide Platform.

Advisor Remedy: If the financial advisor or short term broker is dissatisfied with any portion of the platform or any of the services provided by Advisors Guide, advisor’s sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate advisor’s account.

Representations & Warranties: The financial advisor represents and warrants to Advisors Guide that advisor is authorized to enter into this agreement on behalf of the financial advisor or advisor’s company. The financial advisor also warrants that the financial advisor has all of the required FSB licenses and registrations to provide financial advice and services for fees or sell investment and insurance products for a commission.

Warranty Disclaimer: Financial advisors use Advisors Guide services at advisor’s own risk. This service is provided on an “as is, as available” basis. Neither Advisors Guide nor any of its affiliates or partners makes any warranties, express or implied, with respect to any of the services, content, or products and hereby disclaims any implied warranties, including without limitation, those of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

Limitation of Liability: In no event will Advisors Guide or any of its partners be liable for lost revenues or profits. Advisors Guide liability and the liability of Advisors Guide partners to the advisor or any third parties is limited to the amount of fees advisor or broker paid Advisors Guide.

Indemnification: The financial advisor agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Advisors Guide harmless as well as its owners, officers, directors, agents, licensors, suppliers, and any third-party providers to Advisors Guide from and against all losses, expenses, damages, and costs, including reasonable legal fees resulting from any legal action that involves information advisor did or did not provide Advisors Guide, information advisor or broker did or did not provide Investors including misrepresentations and omissions, the investment recommendations of advisor, and the investment results from advisor’s advice, recommendations, or services.

Beyond Advisors Guide Control: The financial advisor agrees to absolve or release Advisors Guide from any claim of harm resulting from a cause that is beyond Advisors Guide control including, but not limited to, failure of equipment, computer viruses, unauthorized access, theft, operator errors, Internet malfunctions, natural disasters, third-party services, and governmental restrictions.

Term of Agreement: The term of this Agreement begins when advisor data are accepted for publishing on Advisors Guide Platform and an electronic billing arrangement is established. Or, advisor has signed an agreement for digital marketing services. The Agreement will endure as long as advisor’s data are published on the Advisors Guide Platform and/or advisor continues to receive services from Advisors Guide. The agreement will terminate on the same day that advisor’s data are removed from the Advisors Guide Platform and/or Advisors Guide and advisor agrees to terminate its relationship with the other party.

Effective Delivery: All notices shall be deemed delivered by any means including, but not limited to, email or notices or messages posted on the Advisors Guide Platform.

Review of Agreement: The financial advisor and short term brokers agree to periodically review this agreement for any changes that may impact the relationship between Advisors Guide and financial advisors and short term brokers.