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Most financial advisers found on this platform are CFP ® professionals, the premier industry qualification of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI). Whether you need advice on Retirement, Investments, Estate Planning, Life and Disability Assurance, Short Term insurance, Medical Schemes, Offshore investments and planning, Business Assurance, Unit trust, Income protection and funeral cover.

Advisors Guide is here to help you achieve your financial goals through our online directory of financial advisors based in Pretoria and various other regions in South Africa.

Our online directory of registered FSB financial advisors is all authorized service providers. Advisors Guide is a totally independent directory and not affiliated to any financial institution or product. Our directory also provides the reader with the accreditation of various financial advisors as this promotes transparency.

We make it easy for you to initiate contact with financial advisors that may be a match to your needs. Save advisors guide to your favorites and then send financial advisors your contact preferences and details about your financial planning needs.

Last but not least, do choose a CFP with fiduciary responsibility, meaning they have the heart of a teacher and not a salesperson, looking out for your best interests.

Did you know?

There is now new investment option available on our Old Mutual insurance policies, that will pay out the full amount that was invested during the 5 years term, with growth rates, that ensures you will receive back more as what was invested. Our investment option pays out and will not be affected by any Severe Illness or Disability claims |  (License No. 703) 

Hennie Venter is and Senior Financial Adviser works at Deltrofusion (License No 703) and specialises in risk Planning, estate Planning, retirement planning (Pre and Post) Trusts, Investments, Corporate pension plans and employee benefit schemes | Tel: 087 056 0412

About Naas Steyn | Managing Director @ Deltrofusion – accredited Old Mutual Agency Franchise Principal and entrepreneur, I – like every member of the Deltrofusion Financial Services team – am driven by a constant desire to create a space where advisors can continually learn and thrive, equipping themselves with the skills, support, products and networks they need to achieve success in an increasingly competitive landscape |

“The key to financial freedom and great wealth is a person’s ability or skill to convert earned income into passive income and/or portfolio income.”
(Robert Kiyosaki) 
An inspirational lesson by a deaf comedian by the name of Kathy Burkley, and her perspective on life, self-love and forgiveness.



FAW Pretoria West


At FAW Pretoria West we understand that your truck is a business and we subscribe to the overall FAW vision of “total customer satisfaction” through our mission “to provide and maintain the Transport solutions needed and purchased by our customers in a manner that will meet assured customer expectations, thereby attaining future possession.”

Being on call 24/7 means that all customer queries get attended to promptly and no vehicle stands for longer than necessary, saving our customers time and money. Building stronger relationships with our current and prospective customers is our top priority.

In order to achieve the lowest running costs and maintain optimum performance, customers are advised to service their trucks at our independent FAW franchised dealership. Maintenance and repairs are carried out according to FAW Service Standards by highly trained staff. Only genuine FAW parts are fitted during maintenance and repairs.

Promoting teamwork is at the heart of FAW Pretoria West’s development. In an atmosphere that inspires a sense of unity, the spirit of innovative thinking, respect for others, personal growth and continuous improvement amongst our employees, we are able to deliver outstanding business results. We are committed to the on-going development of employee skills at all levels, keeping our people up-to-date with the latest technology. Our passion for innovation and creative thinking runs deeply in the company’s culture, giving our employees the support to turn exciting concepts into reality.

Personal growth is the backbone of our development. By promoting the personal growth of our employees through their work, we are able to increase the participation of our talented people in the decision-making process and reward them for their outstanding accomplishments. Optimization is a fundamental part of our development. We take full advantages of our available resources to promote a high performance work culture, enabling us to rise and meet tomorrow’s challenges.

We are committed to providing the highest quality product offerings and services that reflect our customer’s expectations, complimented by a comprehensive world class support network. We endeavour to continuously refine and improve our product offerings, services, and processes to better serve our customers. We continually review the needs and demands of our customers and build long-term relationships. Our “customer first” philosophy begins with providing the correct vehicle to meet customer requirements and extends to our outstanding after-sales support service, demonstrating a clear commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

We strive to keep our corporate structure as flat as possible in order to ensure effective communication. It also reduces and simplify management processes to achieve optimized efficiency. Effective communication empowers our employees to take an active role in contributing to our mutual success and future. We promote human resource development at every level, enhancing the skills and capabilities of our employees so that they may reach their highest potential. Our employees are energized at what they do, and committed to provide world class service to our customers. We are committed to offering our customers full range of quality commercial vehicles that exceed their needs and demands, with the supporting range of services required to keep their vehicles at peak performance levels.

Some of the strategic areas in which FAW Pretoria West management strive to excel includes:

  • Building the FAW brand
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost leadership
  • Product range
  • Service offerings