Built-in South Africa, for Africa

Whether transporting goods, building materials or any kind of cargo; we’ve got the truck for you!

At FAW we believe in total customer satisfaction, utilising the finest state-of-the-art technologies, superior production methods and effective management systems to bring this vision to fruition.

With the capacity to produce over 5000 trucks per annum in our Coega assembly plant situated in Port Elizabeth, FAW SA is able to supply trucks not only to South Africa but Africa as well. Our 14-model range of commercial vehicles carries a badge of honour of having been manufactured in South Africa, providing the local community with tough, durable vehicles capable of getting the job done.

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Heavyweight contenders

A heavy vehicle from FAW is built to provide substantial benefit to any fleet owner’s business through its superb operating efficiencies, its flexibility in a wide variety of freight carrying applications and its ability to ‘stay the distance’ in rugged and tough operations. The heavy range offering from FAW spans the heavy segment with vehicles offering between 14 and 32 – ton GCM. The range starts with the ever-popular 8.140FL 4×2 freight carrier at a loading capacity of 5 – ton; and tops the segment with the 16.240FT 4×2 16 – ton GVM truck tractor. The range is extraordinarily comprehensive in its class. The exceptionally strong chassis of any FAW heavy vehicle is built to take that ‘extra push’ and to cope admirably if exceptional payload requirements demand it. FAW can provide heavy vehicle customers great total cost of ownership without any compromise on performance, output or power; as well as durability and uptime.

The China FAW Group Corporation is the majority shareholder in FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) and is China’s oldest and largest vehicle manufacturer today. As a result, this Chinese vehicle manufacturer has brought to South Africa the single most reputable Asian heritage, along with their unequalled experience in the global vehicle-manufacturing arena.

China FAW Group Corporation, a state-owned enterprise, develops and manufactures a large range of vehicles including passenger cars; light, medium, and heavy trucks; coach chassis; municipal transit and intercity buses; luxury tourist coaches; mini-vehicles; engines; commercial trucks; SUVs and pickups; transmissions; axles; and components and parts. It offers its products through a network of dealers in China and internationally through various licensing agreements and joint ventures.

The company was formerly known as First Automotive Works, founded in 1953. In that year First Automotive Works broke ground on its first factory. The first product produced to the company’s stringent standards in 1956 was, the 4-ton Jiefang CA-10, some of these units are still operating to this day.

First Automotive Works initially made only commercial vehicles, but started producing passenger cars in 1958.

In 1992, the name First Automotive Works was changed to China FAW Group Corporation, which today is based in Changchun, China.

FAW was one of the first Chinese automakers to take on Western partners. Its earliest joint venture was with Volkswagen in 1990. Others soon followed, including Toyota and General Motors.

In 2010, the 2,56 million units sold, made China FAW Group Corporation the third most-productive vehicle manufacturer in China, which it remains to this day.

FAW, wherever it has a presence across the globe, holds to the core vision of ‘total customer satisfaction’, ensuring that its vehicles are produced with the best cutting-edge technologies, production methods and management systems to fulfil this vision. Since inception, China FAW Group Corporation has produced over 16 million vehicles and has consistently been listed as a Fortune 500 company.