When warm humid air is cooled down and meets a cold surface, the vapour (in the form of a gas) is turned into water droplets. This is a basic everyday process that happens in nature. You can see this everyday on leaves or when you have an ice filled drink on a hot day.

The water vapour passes through an air filter and hits the condensing coils within the machine. These sophisticated coils allow the water to cool down sufficiently to reach dew point. This converts the water vapour into a liquid state.

Once the liquid has been converted, we need to remove all bacteria, algae, yeast and pathogens. This is done through a 3-stage ultra violet light sterilization system.

The water then is filtrated through a pre-& post carbon filter, reverse osmosis, and eventually a total contaminant removal (TCR) filter. This ensures the water is pure and clean for consumption. Once the water has passed through our water from the air machine, it is completely safe for drinking.


The water is produced from vapour where water-borne diseases cannot survive and doesn’t risk containing chemicals associated with plastic bottled water. It also reduces the risk associated with ground water depletion. Water from air is cost effective as logistics, waste management and transportation costs are removed.

100L per day | Suitable for Schools & Clinics

Our Home/Small Office 100L AWG units require very little maintenance and it is literally a plug and drink solution, that can be installed in minutes anywhere, eliminating the daily dependency on bottled water. It requires no infrastructure whatsoever but electricity, and requires inexpensive filter changes every few months dependent on usage and climatic condition.

POWER CONSUMPTION: Startup (2 seconds) 16 amps (240v) 2200 watts | Normal load 9 amps (240) 900 – 1100 watts.

500L per day | Suitable for Schools, Clinics & Boutique Hotels

The CWM-500 is a medium scale, and highly mobile water generator used for fast and easy deployment at all weather conditions. It can easily be mounted on a small truck, servicing water to remote, and otherwise difficult to access. Whether you have a single location or offices around the country, Cirrus Water makes it easy to enjoy fresher, better-tasting water with our customizable drinking water systems.

POWER CONSUMPTION: Startup (2 seconds) 25 amps (340 – 420v) 18 KW | Normal load 20 amps (340 – 420v) 7KW (3 Phase)

1000L per day | Suitable for Schools, Clinics & Municipalities

Requiring no infrastructure but electricity. The CWM1000 is literally a plug-and-drink solution, aimed at schools, hospitals, commercial/residential buildings, whole villages, factories and off-grid settlements, providing a robust and renewable source for fresh, clean drinking water.


POWER CONSUMPTION: Start – up 50 amps (340 – 420v) 36 KW Normal load 40 amps (340 – 420v) 14 KW (3 Phase)


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Water from Air

Water connects every aspect of life. Access to safe water and sanitation can quickly turn problems into potential – unlocking education, work opportunities, and improved health across the world.

Imagine water technology that can generate water from the air we breathe and at a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water. Imagine a water cooler that filters this water to provide healthy and pure drinking water.

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Blending in with the environment – a recent Atmospheric Water Generator installation at a large complex in Bryanston. 

Water storage Jo Jo tanks ranging from 260L to 2500 and 5000 Liters

A 100 Liter Atmospheric Water Generator – 100L branded  Atmospheric Water Generators. 

Air-to-water technology is the process of converting water vapour in the air (humidity) to water. Atmospheric water generators replicate this natural process of condensation by simulating the dew point, which allows it to make water continuously, even in low humidity conditions. The condenser transforms the vapour in the air from gas to a liquid (water) by continuously reaching the dew point with cool air. The primary issue of water scarcity is entirely different. 

A water purifier also generates clean drinking water but a lot of water gets wasted in the process. Atmospheric Water Generators are future-proof and future forward machines that create water from the air around us. Atmospheric water generators require no water rather it works like an air conditioner resulting in ‘0’ water wastage.

Well, I know what is hammering your thoughtful mind now; ‘Is vapour in the air unlimited? Well, yes.’ The system does not cause any imbalances in the atmosphere as all the removed water vapour is naturally replenished with water evaporated from the ocean and other water bodies. The Earth’s atmosphere holds almost 13 trillion cubic meters of water and in some of the most arid areas AWG could be used for fresh drinkable water.

Contact me at:  |  or +27 82 253 3053 (Steff Botha) for more information.